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Yard Safety Tips

1- Equipment Safety. Before you operate a new lawn mower make sure that you read the owner’s manual and all of the safety information. The same is true for any lawn equipment, including your weed trimmer. Check with the manufacturer of your power tools to make sure there haven’t been any safety recalls for your make and model.

2- Child Safety. Every year, thousands of children nationwide are injured by power lawn care equipment. I recommend keeping small children inside while you’re outside mowing or using the weed trimmer. At a minimum, do not allow children younger than the age of twelve (12) to operate a push lawn mower and anyone under the age of sixteen (16) to operate a riding lawn mower. Never allow a minor to use equipment without proper training and follow up training. Do not take children on rides with a riding mower.

3- Protect your body. Always wear protective gear and equipment. We all know that lawnmowers regularly hit rocks, sticks and other items that become flying projectiles. Wear long pants to protect your legs from flying objects and wear non-slip closed toe shoes. Protect your eyes and ears with sunglasses and earplugs.

4- Get green smart. Before beginning any weed removal, be sure you know how to identify poison ivy, sumac, oak and similar toxic plants. Find out ahead of time how to treat the rashes they cause to reduce the irritation. Always wear gloves as an additional layer of protection.

5- Be Smart. It should be obvious but it must be said. Never operate lawn machinery or use lawn equipment or power tools while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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