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Property Maintenance Expert

Discover the Expertise of Property Maintenance Expert,
Owen Ahearn

Welcome to the dedicated landing page for those seeking unparalleled property maintenance services. With Owen Ahearn, you tap into over thirty-five years of profound experience and expertise in the field of property maintenance. His target is to serve Property Owners and Property Managers who are in pursuit of excellence and reliability.

Why Choose Owen Ahearn?

  • Decades of Experience: Owen brings a rich history of over 35 years in managing a diverse range of property maintenance tasks across thousands of residential and commercial units.

  • Comprehensive Skillset: From routine and preventive maintenance to addressing urgent issues like demolition, modernization, and compliance with State Sanitary Code, Owen has done it all. His hands-on experience ensures that your property remains not just operational but thrives.

  • Specialized Knowledge: Dealing with complex issues such as Title V septic work, lead paint testing and abatement, and extensive rehabilitation projects have been a regular part of Owen’s repertoire.

  • Insurance Mastery: Owen is seasoned in navigating through insurance claims related to fires, flooding, ice dams, and more, safeguarding your property's value and ensuring quick recovery.

  • Pest Control Expertise: With over twelve years dedicated to effective bed bug treatments and managing pest control processes, Owen guarantees a solution to even the most persistent pest challenges.


For Property Owners who demand nothing less than exceptional, Owen Ahearn is the property maintenance expert you've been searching for. Contact us now to secure the integrity and longevity of your property investments.

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