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Home Safety Program

Home Safety Program

Fix Home/Unit Hazards

When no addressed, small nuisances can become hazardous over time. A loose floor board or creaking stair may eventually lead to a tenant's injury. Routine property maintenance can keep many of these issues from occurring. Make sure that railings and banisters for staircases are secure, inside and outside of the property. If your exterior staircases have the tendency to be slippery, you may consider investing in skid-resistance stair treads

Maintain Home Security Measures

Keeping renters and rentals safe is easier when security measures are in maintained. If you have an alarm system, be sure to show your tenants how to properly use it. Make sure that there are locks on doors and windows and that they close tightly and securely. Motion activated sensor lights placed strategically on the exterior of the property can help to deter crime and personal injury to your tenants in places that are normally too dark to navigate safely.

Test Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), three out of five home fire fatalities occur at homes without an operating smoke detector. The NFPA recommends testing smoke detectors once a month and replacing them after ten years, or whenever they stop making a sound when tested. Carbon monoxide detectors should be also checked and the batteries should be replaced as needed.

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