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Property Management Standards

I have acquired my expertise in reasonable standards of care from over thirty-five years of Property Management and Maintenance experience and seventeen years as an expert legal witness.  The reasonable standard of care requires a Property Manager to implement a program to inspect and later confirm the property to be free and clear of hazards to protect the health, safety and welfare of all owners, tenants and visitors to the property. A Property Manager shall hold a high regard for the safety and health of those at a managed property and shall manage all properties in accordance with local state sanitary code guidelines and other habitability requirements within their local jurisdiction.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial

& Condominiums

I am an expert in Property Management, as a seasoned and credentialed manager with over thirty-five years of property management experience managing residential, commercial, industrial, condominium, and homeowner association properties throughout New England.

I have managed thousands of properties for associations, business owners, developers, homeowners, partnerships, trusts and government agencies including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Resolution Trust Corporation, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the U.S. Department of Justice.


Corrective, Deferred, Emergency, Preventative and Routine

I am an expert in Property Maintenance having over thirty-five years of experience managing the maintenance (corrective, deferred, emergency, routine and preventative) of thousands of units or residential housing and commercial properties.


I have regularly worked on a number of properties that required demolition, modernization, Title V septic work, lead paint testing or abatement and rehabilitation. I possess many years of experience addressing State Sanitary Code complaints and violations.

I have substantial experience with insurance claims due to insurance losses including fires, flooding, ice dams, slips and falls, and neglect by not providing reasonable standards of care.

I have over twelve years of experience with bed bug treatments and managing the pest control process.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial,

Home Owner Associations and Condominiums

Professional experience analyzing, planning and implementing methods to minimize property owners exposure to risk. This is accomplished through the use of risk management tools such as insurance, loss prevention and reduction, training and safety inspections.

To reduce risk, many owners and Property Managers would benefit by having working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, entering into written contracts with employees, tenants and vendors, having fully functioning doors, intercoms, well lit lighting, locks, security cameras, using diligent tenant screening, and having appropriate insurance coverage.

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