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Premises Liability Expert

Owen Ahearn - Premier Premises Liability Expert
and Expert Witness

Welcome to the professional hub of Owen Ahearn, a renowned premises liability expert with an unparalleled blend of experience both in property management and as an expert witness. With over three and a half decades in Property Management and Maintenance, coupled with seventeen years of providing expert legal witness services, Owen Ahearn stands uniquely poised to offer comprehensive insight and authoritative testimony in legal matters pertaining to premises liability.

Why Choose Owen Ahearn?

In-Depth Industry Knowledge: With 35+ years of hands-on experience in property management and maintenance, Owen Ahearn brings a deep understanding of the reasonable standards of care required within the industry. His expertise encompasses a wide range of settings, from residential complexes to commercial properties, ensuring a thorough analysis and reliable testimony in cases of premises liability.

Proven Expert Witness Experience: Over the past seventeen years, Owen Ahearn has served as an expert witness in numerous high-profile cases, contributing his knowledge and insights towards achieving just resolutions. His ability to convey complex property management principles clearly and concisely makes him a valuable asset to any legal team.


A Record of Excellence: With a career dedicated to excellence in both the operational and legal aspects of property management, Owen Ahearn has developed a reputation for integrity, reliability, and precision. His insights are not only based on textbook standards but are also enriched by real-world experiences, providing clients with a comprehensive perspective on premises liability issues.


Connect with an Expert

In need of a seasoned premises liability expert for your legal case? Look no further. Owen Ahearn combines extensive industry experience with a proven track record as an expert witness to offer unparalleled service in premises liability cases. Elevate your legal strategy with the expert insights and authoritative testimony of Owen Ahearn.


Contact Owen Ahearn today to discuss how his expertise can strengthen your case and lead to successful outcomes.

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