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Snow Removal Preparations

Snow Removal Preparations

Some people are thinking of visiting Florida and California, while others are thinking of taking a cruise. A lot of people these days are thinking winter is over - its not. It's time to refocus and keep planning until it is spring and there are no more snow and ice events.

Here's how:

  1. Review and update the winter preparedness plan for winter storm readiness.

  2. Designate an individual to monitor the weather forecast.

  3. Establish contingency plans for staffing, fuel, equipment, fire protection, strategic shutdown and continued business operations.

  4. Establish policies for early closure, early staff release, delayed opening and strategic or emergency shutdowns.

  5. Ensure all employees are aware of the policies and know where to obtain updated company information.

  6. Establish means for communicating with employees, contractors and emergency agencies.

  7. Remove snow/ice from roof overhangs at walkway/entry areas to protect the public from falling snow and ice.

  8. Provide signage identifying falling ice or slippery surfaces.

  9. Alert maintenance staff when cold or snow is expected.

  10. Acquire, prepare, inspect, repair and/or maintain the following snow removal equipment and machinery: – Shovels – Ice scrapers – Wheelbarrows – Sand/salt spreaders – Snowblowers – Ice chippers – Plows

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