Reasonable Standards Of Care

Reasonable Standards of Care in Property Management

As a property manager, it’s crucial to practice reasonable standards of care in order to avoid a potential lawsuit. While you may need the help of a litigation consultant, there are still some things that every property manager should know. The term reasonable standards of care refer to your duty and obligation to ensure that your property is safe to occupy and that you’re practicing property management in the most professional manner possible. Read on for some more information about these standards, so you can stay protected.

Implementing Programs

One of the best ways to ensure reasonable standards of care are being met is to implement a comprehensive program that confirms your property is free of hazards. This program should include regular inspections of the property to verify that no hazards are there. A hazard is defined as anything that can compromise the health, safety, or welfare of yourself, your tenants, and of all visitors to the property. It’s your duty to make sure that the property is safe and sanitary to live in.

Protecting People

While it’s impossible to prevent every accident, there are some things you should do to protect your tenants and others who visit your property. A litigation consultant can give you advice about which items should be addressed in order to avoid a lawsuit. Things like checking and maintaining the septic system, testing for asbestos or lead paint, and practicing proper pest control methods are some examples. Make sure that you include your plan of action in your lease so that your tenants are aware of your specific standards of care. This will protect you from any frivolous actions in the future, as long as you abide by the standards you set forth. If you’re concerned about your role as a property manager or need legal assistance, be sure to visit my website and contact me today to learn more.