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I am a national expert legal witness who regularly writes about many topics including: Reasonable Standards of Care, Premises Liability, Property Management, Real Estate Management, Residential Management, Commercial Management, Vacation Management, Property Maintenance, Real Estate Management, Management Neglect, Maintenance Neglect, Condominium Associations, Home Owner Associations, Public Housing, Public Housing Maintenance, Public Housing Management, Snow Management, Ice Management, Snow Removal, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Security Cameras, Security Systems, Board of Health Issues, Bed Bugs, Exterminations, Fires, Floods, Burst Pipes, Slips and Falls, Walkways, Decks, Railings, Parking Lots, Parking Lots Maintenance, Covid19, Corona Virus and other topics.

Yard Safety Tips

I am providing yard safety tips to raise awareness and reduce potential injuries to operators, their families, or visitors.

Home Safety Program

Fix Home/Unit Hazards When no addressed, small nuisances can become hazardous over time. A loose floor board or creaking stair may eventually lead to a tenant's injury. Routine property maintenance can keep many of these issues from occurring. Make sure that railings and banisters for staircases are secure, inside and outside of the property. If your exterior staircases have the tendency to be slippery, you may consider investing in skid-resistance stair treads Maintain Home Security Measures Keeping renters and rentals safe is easier when security measures are in maintained. If you have an alarm system, be sure to show your tenants how to properly use it. Make sure that there are locks on d