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10 Things to Know Before Buying Investment Property

1. Understand what you are doing! You are purchasing this as in investment generally to make money. Do your research – make sure the property meets all of your expectations. 2. Can you afford to purchase? Do you have enough money for the down payment, property insurance, future repairs and the closing attorney? If not, you probably should not be looking any further. 3. Know your new tenants! Before the closing, review the leases, the rent rolls and the tenant ledgers. Make sure you have contact information and also the applications that have their social security number and important emergency information (in case you need to trace them down the road for collections). O

Change Your Clocks - Change Your Batteries

Change Your Clocks - Change Your Batteries Just a friendly reminder to turn your clocks ahead this Sunday - March 12. 2017, for the beginning of Daylight Savings. Your smoke alarms should have new batteries installed once a year. According to FEMA, twelve percent (12%) of all homes without alarms, account for more than half the fires. It is estimated that one third of smoke alarms are not working properly, often due to a worn-out battery. Daylight Savings is a great way to remind yourself to perform this important maintenance task.