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Capital Reserve Accounts

Fannie Mae and FHA (Federal Housing Administration) have passed increasingly strict lending guidelines on condominium financing. Of particular concern to the associations and trusts for potential buyers is the capital reserve account. A condominium capital reserve account is an emergency fund set aside for major capital common area repairs and expenses, such as a leaky roof, a new boiler system, or other major structural issues. In established condominiums or trusts, some have already set up a healthy capital reserve fund, while others have little, if any, capital reserve money set aside. 10% of the Annual Operating Budget FHA is now the strictest lending program for condominiums and trusts.

Happy New Year 2017

2017 will bring about a lot of changes. A new President and most likely either a new Governor, Mayor or government representatives for all of us. This also will bring about new legislation. Not to worry - it's all about change and evolution. I am here to support you and assist with any cases or projects. Best wishes to you for a successful 2017.